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GoldenEye Weapons

Chop people with your hand! :)
Highly accurate pistol. Shoots fast if you press rapidly, shoots slow if you hold. 7 shots per reload.
DD44 Dostovei
Pistol with worse accuracy than PP7. Same rate of fire as PP7. 8 shots per reload.
Proximity Mines
Throw small mines that stick to walls or ceilings. Explodes when a person comes near or when you shoot at it. Secondary fire throws farther.
Powerful automatic weapon with higher recoil and slower rate of fire compared to the rifles. 50 shots per reload.
KF7 Soviet
Rifle with medium recoil. Has zoom capabilities. 30 shots per reload.
Rocket Launcher
Launches rockets that explode on impact. A direct hit from a rocket will kill. 1 rocket per reload.
Moonraker Laser
Shoots powerful laser beams. Slower rate of fire than the pistols. Unlimited ammo, no reloads, no recoil.
AR33 Assault Rifle
Powerful assault rifle with low recoil. Has zoom capabilities. Fastest rate of fire. 30 shots per reload.
Primary fire shoots a little tranquilizing dart that makes your vision blurry. Secondary function is to use the grapple hook