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News and Updates

June 22
I improved the KF7 3do but it is still untextured. See the screenshot here.

June 20
I started working on some gun 3dos, so check out the screenshots page for some pics. The PP7 was made by WarpedNewt and edited by me, the Phantom is by Bah_Strike, and the rest are made by me.
I'm also working on the muzzle flashes for the guns. I'll post more screenshots of the guns and muzzle flashes when I get them done.

June 15
I already finished most of the cogs and projectiles for most of the guns. I still need to make some more features and a few more weapons. All of the guns still need 3dos except the phantom. If you're interested in helping me make some skins or 3dos, just email me. Two of the hotkeys (including the zoom) are finished, and the secret feature is almost done. So all I need is a few skins and to finish the rest of the guns. And maybe add some other cool little features (If you have any ideas for a special feature, feel free to email me!)