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GoldenEye Features

-Many new hotkeys (see below for more on hotkeys)
-Guns have reloads and bullet shells
-Realistic sounds from the actual game
-New bullet hit animations
-Random ricochet sounds
-Muzzle flashes
-New background BMs
-New menu font
-New skins
-Music when you die
-New HUD
-New 3dos
-New keys
-Zoom/Aim hotkey
-Music hotkey
-Blood or Paintball mode!
-Many secret features!!
-Lots of fun!
-And more fun!
-And more!

GoldenEye Hotkeys

The GoldenEye mod will have new hotkeys (hotkeys are buttons that you set in the control options so you can do stuff...)
Here they are:

-Aim using the GoldenEye crosshairs. If you have a rifle (KF7 or AR33), it will zoom.
-Music feature. Press it to change the music that you listen to. It doesn't cause lag because its local. Lets you choose from up to 6 different custom music wavs.